Senior Engineer of Avionics System



1. Responsible for airborne avionicssystem architecture design and requirements capture:

2. Responsible for the design anddemonstration of airborne avionics system scheme;

3. Responsible for the preparationof aircraft avionics system program;

4. Responsible for avionicsequipment selection;

5. Responsible for the jointdebugging and verification of avionics system equipment;

6. Responsible for the preparationof relevant design reports, analysis reports, test reports and other technicaldocuments.



1. More than 3 years workingexperience in avionics system, relevant experience in general aviation aircraftand tonnage UAV is preferred, familiar with DO-254, DO-160, DO-297 standards ispreferred;

2. Master degree or above, majorin aircraft design, electronic and electrical and other related majors,outstanding ability can be relaxed to bachelor's degree;

3. Familiar with the mainstreamlarge passenger aircraft system architecture at home and abroad, familiar withthe relevant standards of aircraft avionics system and airborne equipment;

4. Familiar with aircraft systemsengineering;

5. Good skills of English readingand comprehension;

6. Good communication skills,logical thinking skills, analysis and summary skills and oral and writtenexpression skills;

7. Good self-motivation andsubjective initiative, able to adapt to certain work pressure.


简历建议使用 PDF 文件,也支持ppt、DOC、DOCX、JPG、PNG 格式,文件大小不超过10M。