Assistant engineer


1. Assist engineers in projectdesign and improvement work:

2. Responsible for supporting workin project design, prepare technical reports, drawings, technical agreementsand other related technical documents;

3. Responsible for the collectionof technical data and document management in the process of R&D;

4. Improve engineering skillsaccording to the training program provided by our company.


1. This position is open tooutstanding fresh graduates , or 1 year work experience, Aviation collegegraduates are preferred;

2. Bachelor degree or above,Aircraft Design, Flight Control, Electronic and Electrical, Electric Powertrain,Airworthiness and other related majors are preferred;

3. Proficient in using officesoftware, familiar with at least one professional software;

4. Good communication and learningskills, have rigorous, serious and responsible work attitude;

5. Our company has a goodpromotion channel for outstanding young engineers.

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